A little introduction to Purple Peach

Formed in 1999, Purple Peach is a British company offering high quality, low cost,
educational and creative stickers to reward, collect, swap and decorate letters, cards,
presents and parcels.


Distributed around the world

The globally-recognised Purple Peach brand offers larger and superior product than market alternatives. We are listed in leading retailers within stationery, card, toy and gift sectors and distributed around the world.

Our comprehensive ranges are carefully manufactured to ensure the highest quality for total satisfaction, over stunning and vibrant designs from dynamic and exciting materials.

Our unique and desirable globally patented Educational Cubes are a huge success story with schools, teachers, parents and children alike.

New Ranges

New range additions comprise  Wobbly Eye, Scented,
3D Handiwork, Foil and Spongy.

New Ranges


Ethical, Sustainable and Socially Compliant

Purple Peach is an ethical, sustainable and socially compliant business with all of our child-friendly products phthalate-free, complying fully with globally recognised safety standards.

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